Sunday, 31 July 2011

Male X Female

The different between female and male.


• Female grow/ become adult faster than male

• Female are much stronger than male ( it appears to be strong)

• The older female become the weaker they are (body and soul)

• Older female (over 30) become more and more fragile

• A lot of older female (tank) cover them self by being aggressive (it does not happen to every female)

• Elder female ( I mean really old) start to loose their screw from their head so the can’t really control themselves( a.k.a senile, etc.-)

On the other hand, Male…

• Young male are weak

• They appear to struggle hard with their life (they only appear to struggle but actually doing nothing)

• The older they get the thicker their bottoms and face become (less or not fragile at all because they loose all their feeling along as they age)

• This species are seldom grown wiser as they aged.

I know it sounded unfair. But it is how it is.

This how society works.

Years may pass us by, century as well, but we still have the same mentality and attitude towards life or society. Wife’s still cheats, as well as husbands. Mistress is being scrutinized. Old single woman are being mocked behind their back (sometimes even in front of their face). People are still doing the thing they hate if it happened to them. Adult were ‘forced to be hypocrite so they can be accepted in the society.

I don’t understand…

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